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Everything you need to Know about the EOT Cranes

Everything you need to Know about the EOT Cranes

Feb 2022

Industrial companies often require large cranes for lifting their cargo items and heavy tools. They can also help in the lifting of luggage and other vital machinery items that can help in managing various types of projects and assignments. Among the various types of cranes that are used in the industrial world, one of the most common ones is of course the EOT crane or electric overhead travelling crane. It is a bridge crane that is made up of parallel runways along with a moving bridge that spans the gap between the two. There are both single girder EOT cranes and double girder EOT cranes that are available on the market. A leading EOT crane manufacturer in Ahmedabad can provide different types of EOT cranes that are capable of seamlessly managing the lifting of heavyweight items and making things easier for their end users.

A reputed EOT crane supplier in India can provide you with state of the art crane systems that you can use for some extended material lifting and moving requirements. The cranes are known for their sturdy construction and they have the best corrosion resistant features. The cranes are driven by heavy duty ropes made of cast steel. The interesting thing about these cranes is that they can be used conveniently for many years even with only minimum maintenance. The presence of a switch that allows for controlling the upper hook and the lower hook makes it possible for users to customize the user efficiency of the system. The ease of use that is ensured by the machine makes it handy for numerous sectors and industries such as power plants, construction industries, transport industries, chemical industries, petrochemical industries, steel plants, dairy industries, ceramic industries, textile industries, foundries and cement industries.

Once you get in touch with an EOT crane company in India, you can surely find the specific models of cranes you are looking for that can be suitable for the projects that you have in mind. The double girder EOT cranes can lift weights up to about 250 tons which makes them ideal for large scale projects.

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