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Goliath Gantry Crane

goliath gantry crane manufacturers

Goliath Gantry Crane Manufacturers - 1 Ton To 250 Ton

Gantry - Goliath Cranes are manufactured as per IS standards and as per applicable class type depending on various industry applications.

Goliath and Gantry Crane Manufacturers in India

Goliath / Gantry Crane are most ideal for material handling applications & to handle heavy loads in an open Yards or indoor areas. It is operated over the floor through rail system. Generally these Cranes are used at Ship Yards, Container Depo, Granite & Marble cutting and polishing Industries, Steel yard, Cement & Pipe Industries. All the cranes are basically fabricated from standard rolled steel sections and plates. The entire structure are divided into three main parts. Main Bridge, End Carriages and Crab. In case of Gantry/Goliath Cranes, the Bridge Girders are fixed on the top of four gantry legs whic are connected to the end carriages.

MAIN BRIDGE : The main bridge girders are fabricated from high quality steel plates forming a rectangular box section. The girders are provided with the required chamber so that the Girder deflection is very minimal in full load condition and remains stable within its allowable limit of 1/900. Internal surface of the box girder is free from corrosion as the box is welded and there is not contact with outside atmosphere.

MAINTENANCE : It is easy to carry out maintenance of the crane and clean it. The railing platform is available for easy maintenance on one side or at both the sides as per customer's requirement.

CRAB: The crab is manufactured from M.S. Plates and rolled steel sections. This is also provided with cross traverse wheel running on L-block type bearing housing assembly similar to that of L.T. wheel assembly. For heavy duty application, entire crab is fabricated out of M.S. Plate. The crab carries hoisting and cross traverse unit with necessary brake assembly.

GEAR BOX: All the gear boxes which are used in Hoisting, L.T. and C.T. are horizontal shaft helical gear type with robust and sturdy M.S. fabricated housing. The entire gear assembly is running on anti-friction bearing. The pinions which are used in the gearbox are integral and solid one piece pinion. All gears and pinions are duly hardened to withstand the heavy loads for the life span depending upon the class of application. Provision is kept for the filling the lubricating oil with level indicator.

ROPE DRUM: Rope drum is fabricated out of M.S. plate or made out of seamless pipe. The drum is accurately machined and grooved to accommodate the desired size of rope. The length of the drum is selected in such a way that the entire rope can be rounded in one layer.

LONG TRAVEL: For long travel arrangement following methods are used:

CENTER DRIVE ARRANGEMENT: In this system of long travel arrangement, long travel motion is availed through centrally located helical gearbox. The power is transmitted through L.T. Shaft running on pedestal bearing and connected with the Gearbox, Floating shaft and Universal joint assembly. The floating shaft is connected to the L.T. wheel and gear box by means of flexible geared coupling. The motor and gear box are connected by means of universal joint.

TWIN DRIVE ARRANGEMENT: In this arrangement L.T. Drive system is provided at each end carriage by individual driving system. Both the drive comprises of a Motor, Gearbox, Floating shaft and Universal joint assembly. The floating shaft is connected to the L.T. wheel and gear box by means of flexible geared coupling. The motor and gear box are connected by means of Universal joint. In case of goliath/gantry crane twin drive arrangement are possible.

CONTROL PANEL: The cranes can be controlled by cabin / pendant / radio remote & combination of these options. The components are enclosed in sheet metal box standard contactors, over load relays, fuses, timers, transformers and accessories. For smooth and jerk less drive, micro speed or two speeds drives, VVFD drive installation can be done in hoisting, cross travel, long travel as per custumer's requirement.

MOTORS: In cranes, two types of motors are used i.e. crane duty induction motor or slipping motor. The motors are avialable as per customer's requirement.

BRAKES: In cranes, many types of brakes are used. The selection of the brake depends on the class of crane and as per customer's requirements. Various types of brakes are: Shoe Type Electromagnetic | Shoe Type Hydro Thruster Brake | Disc Type Electromagnetic Brake

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