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Amerigo provides best quality heavy duty plastic pallets in India and in other international markets as per customer's requirement. Various range of plastic pallets are avialable as per the industrial applications. Our plastic pallets are supplied in various industries such as Pharmaceuticals, food & beverages, Cement industries, Edible oil industry and in many more industries. The company has been at the forefront of designing heavy-duty plastic pallets that can be used in the construction industry, mining industry, shipyards, and a host of other working areas. Being a well-known plastic pallets manufacturer in India.

Amerigo Exports is always looking to create awesome products for their users, thus making sure that their end-users are happy with the output they obtain from them. The plastic pallets designed and produced by Amerigo Exports come with varying performance levels that make them flexible and easy to use.

Being a skilled Plastic Pallet Company in India that works with highly advanced working methods, Amerigo Exports has time and again been able to come up with solutions that can be beneficial for their clients in more ways than one. The company always has a balanced approach to designing the pallets, which suits well with their end-users. That is why Amerigo Exports is widely hailed as the best plastic pallets supplier in India.

We manufacture and supply best quality wide range of plastic pallets which are as follows:

Oil Spillage Plastic Pallets

Injection Moulded Plastic Pallets

Roto Moulded Plastic Pallets

Poly Pallets

Non reversible 2 way entry pallets

Non reversible 4 way entry pallets

Reversible two entry plastic pallets

Industrial plastic pallets

Pharma plastic pallets

Material Handling plastic pallets

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    High Quality Product

    Standard Design

    Best Material Handling Solutions

    Best-fit for Specific Requirements

    Heavy-Duty pallets with Easy to Handle

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