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Why the Chemical Dosing Pumps Are Regarded As Very Useful

Feb 2022

Chemical dosing systems are often used for the purpose of wastewater management. They help in the automated injecting of the reagents into the wastewater network so that odour emissions and septicity of the water can be controlled and managed. The chemical dosing systems are generally used at the sewer manholes, rising mains and the pump stations. However, these systems are suitable for being used in any area where it is important to carry out odour containment. The leading chemical dosing system manufacturers in India design and produce the chemical dosing systems in multiple configurations, such as ferrous dosing units, calcium nitrate dosing units and magnesium hydroxide dosing units.

The chemical dosing pump in essence works like a type of positive displacement pump and it can be used for injecting a chemical-like substance into the steam, gas, water or anything else that is emitting a foul smell. The dosing pumps are usually small in size and they can provide with a very precise flow rate of the chemical substance for having maximum control. These pumps make up for a central component of the integrated dosing system meant for seamless automatic dispersion of the chemicals. Typically these pumps are used for wastewater treatment and management but a number of chemical dosing pump models are also used in the food processing industry. The dosing system suppliers in India create a wide range of chemical dosing pumps meant for the seamless management of foul odour.

Whether you are looking to work with a skid mounted dosing system or any other pumping system that can be used for chemical dosing, it is important that you carefully assess your user case so that you can get the maximum performance from out of these systems. The dosing pumps are sometimes called chemical metering pumps and they are known to be quite versatile. They can be used for mining operations, industrial plants, manufacturing facilities, medical laboratories and for agricultural purposes. You can also use the chemical dosing plants for adding chlorine to water or other liquids for killing of bacteria. Such facilities make these dosing pumps extremely useful.

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