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Amerigo Exports is one of the leading industrial pump manufacturers in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India known for designing and developing a wide range of pumps for their commercial clients. The company has been at the forefront of pump designing technology and has already worked on numerous successful projects. Hence, their potential and ability to manufacture durable and long-lasting pumps that ensure seamless performance has cemented their position as the best pumping equipment manufacturers in India.

We export our plastic pallets, eot crane, pumps and valves in countries like South Africa, Bangladesh, Uganda, Tanzania, DR Congo, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Bahrain, Egypt, Nigeria, Iraq & Jordan.

Manufacturer of industrial plastic pallets
Electric Overhead Travelling Crane (EOT) Crane Manufacturer

Electric Overhead Travelling Crane (EOT) Crane Manufacturer

Rigid single girder EOT cranes of this sort are typically employed in production areas where big goods need to be moved or lifted. These cranes are exclusive to manufacturing and maintenance tasks, unlike other cranes. With this, the overhead EOT crane is used to handle all of the material. These overhead EOT cranes are made entirely of premium materials. These double girder eot cranes main objective is to facilitate and accelerate the transportation of large materials. The body is resistant to corrosion, and this crane makes it simple to repair any damaged pieces. Only a small number of the components need simple maintenance. Such a strong, long-lasting crane makes it easier to split the workers.

Our EOT cranes are renowned for their excellent construction, exact upward and downward motion, and secure operations. Due to our in-house manufacturing facility and technical superiority over other EOT crane manufacturers in Gujarat, we guarantee effective material handling solutions for a variety of industries, such as the automotive, shipbuilding, and other small-scale industries, along with the best service and support to ensure the satisfaction of our customers.

Industrial Plastic Pallets Manufacturer

Utilizing cutting-edge machinery and creative designs, Amerigo Exports Industrial Plastic pallets are made to endure large loads, extreme temperature changes, and often used chemicals. Our plastic pallets work with all types of material handling machinery (4 way and 2 way entry). It's the ideal solution for unfriendly to the environment wooden pallets. Metal-reinforced industrial pallets are capable of supporting big loads. Pallets are a good option since they are simple to clean, anti-skid, affordable, and robust! Additionally, they are significantly stronger than wooden pallets and reinforced roto-moulded pallets. They can be individually coloured or branded, and they can be stacked for maximum space use.

plastic pallets manufacturers in india


Hygienic Plastic Pallet Manufacturer for Pharmaceutical Industry

Hygienic Plastic Pallet Manufacturer for Pharmaceutical Industry

Millions of people worldwide have access to life-saving medications because to the pharmaceutical supply chain, which is one of the major forces behind research and development in the pharmaceutical industry. In this industry, both the manufacturing environment and the standards for product cleanliness are very high. Because the final goods are so delicate, all intra-logistics procedures must adhere to cleanliness standards. Utilizing the appropriate technologies, such plastic load carriers, may considerably support these criteria.

In addition to providing solutions for a wide range of applications in the pharmaceutical industry, including extremely sensitive cleanrooms, manufacturing lines, and products dispatch, Amerigo Exports also manufactures hygienic pharmaceutical plastic pallet produced from exclusively pure PE. Our premium plastic pallets are readily cleaned after each journey and meet both HACCP and GMP requirements, providing dependable protection against contamination and water intrusion. Additionally, plastic load carriers might lessen load damage that occurs during shipment.


Roto moulded heavy duty plastic pallets manufacturer

To hold the hefty goods on heavy-duty racking systems as well as light weight cargo packaging applications, Roto Moulded Heavy Duty Plastic Pallets are manufactured. The rectangle-shaped Roto Moulded Heavy Duty Plastic Pallet is designed with a green colour, a smooth surface area, and a matte shine polishing substance for extended usage. With the aid of this pallet, the correct balance may be supported on the surface in the desired configuration without experiencing any imbalance or breaking issues. This manufactured roto moulded plastic pallet is available for cost-effective purchase by our esteemed customers.

This pallet is appropriate for the chemical, petrochemical, and food and beverage sectors. Before being sent out from our end, we guarantee that we are the leading plastic pallets manufacturers in India as we are offering thoroughly inspected products by our quality checkers. As a result of the company's extensive expertise in this area over time, the team of specialists is assisting in identifying the ideal invention for the task. Here, even the injection molded pallets are being created.

Roto moulded heavy duty plastic pallets manufacturers


Jib crane manufacturers

Jib crane manufacturers

Jib cranes are an important material handling option for a stand-alone workstation or machine assembly area, helping the personnel by doubling their efforts. By decreasing the time spent waiting for an overhead crane, jib cranes for a single workstation or group of workstations enable for effective material handling.

Jib Cranes manufactured by Amerigo Exports to exact specifications, carrying loads efficiently and precisely. Our jib cranes include an easily rotating arm that may rotate 180 degrees or 360 degrees. This spinning arm is supported by pillars, self-supporting floor columns, or wall mounts. Jib cranes are helpful for loading or unloading cargo from vehicles and machine equipment

These Jib Cranes are equipped with Wire Rope Electric Hoists, Chain Hoists, or Chain Pulley Blocks, which perform the lifting and moving tasks.


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