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Injection Moulding Plastic Pallets

injection moulding plastic pallets manufacturers in india

Injection Moulding Plastic Pallets Manufacturers

Amerigo manufactures high performance injection moulding plastic pallets manufacturers in India. Injection moulding pallets are manufactured using virgin, high-quality reprocessed resin or PP material. Injection moulding pallets are costlier but the process speed is high. The production of injection moulding plastic pallets are very quick once the mould goes to press. Due to these factors, it makes sense to choose injection moulding plastic pallets when ordering a large volume of pallets. Our most large orders or standardised orders are of injection moulded pallets.

Industrial Injection Plastic Moulding Pallets

We offer Injection moulded pallets of best quality and in various dimensions. Our plastic pallets have high impact resistance. The material is usually dependent upon the proposed application. Virgin materials are recommended for hygienic use or high performance.

Pallets are the primary interface of a unit load. They protect the product, absorb the stresses, hold the weight, encounter fork truck impacts, and safeguard goods traveling through the supply chain.

Specifications of Injection Moulding Plastic Pallets:

  • Three leg plastic pallets
  • Color : Blue or customised color
  • Shape : Rectangular
  • Material : HDPE
  • Dimension : 1200 x 1000 x 160 mm
  • Static Load : 4000 Kg
  • Dynamic Load : 1200 Kg

Product Features

  • Light and easy to transport. Plastic pallets are about 30%-35% lighter then wooden pallets.
  • Stackable and rackable. Plastic pallets are designed to be stacked and racked.
  • Durable. ...
  • Sustainable. ...
  • Clean and hygienic. ...
  • Safety.

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